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using Tend Skin

using Tend Skin FAQ

When should I use Tend Skin?

To prepare for waxing : use 2-3 days BEFORE hair removal unless switching from shaving to waxing or you have a shorter waxing interval, where Tend Skin is recommended for use 4-5 days prior as hairs will often be shorter and thicker in this instance.

Post waxing/hair removal : 2-5 day days after your hair removal session morning and evening to reduce skin trauma and irritation.

Treatment for Ingrown Hairs: straight after hair removal for 2-5 days and then again for a few days approximately 2 weeks after hair removal or as the hair starts to emerge from the follice. The duration of time required will depend on the individual skin condition-your treatment therapist will be able to assist you in this.


How do I use Tend Skin?

Use a small amount of Tend Skin Liquid on a tissue or paper towel and then proceed to dabbing onto dry-skin being mindful to avoid any mucous membranes (ie inner area of the bikini line or nasal cavity). Tend Skin is now available in a re-fillable roll on unit for home use.

Simply un-screw the base of the unit, fill with the desired amount of Tend Skin from the bottle and roll on. This will ensure you use the perfect amount, every time.

Should Tend Skin be applied differently to the face as opposed to the body? If so, how?

Sparingly applied to the face – dab 2 or 3 drops on to a folded tissue/paper towel and pat onto dry skin. Facial hairs can be thicker – leaving a bigger wound channel use a cotton tip. A thin layer is all that is needed.

Why do I have to apply Tend Skin onto a dry skin?

It must be applied to dry skin otherwise it wil float off. This will render the solution ineffective.

Can moisturiser go straight over the top?

Yes, after application, wait 5 minutes or pat the skin dry before applying moisturiser. By applying moisturiser to a skin that is still damp with Tend Skin the efficacy of the product will be minimized.

How long should you wait after a Chemical Peel before using?

When using a chemical facial peel, harsh AHA’S, or roaccutane, the skin may be thinned and more fragile, so please wait one month from your exfoliating treatment before using Tend Skin.

Are devices such as Loofah’s mits and epilators advised? Why or why not?

No, they can make the problem worst by over-exfoliating the area.

Once the hairs start appearing, should it be tweezed out?

Tweezing can damage the follicles and make ingrown hairs worse. By leaving the hairs in the follicle until the next hair removal service you will encourage the eventual healing of a damaged follicle.

Are there any other uses?

Anti-paralytic to calm insect bites, underarm and foot deodorant, ink remover, fingernail hardener – many uses!

Should Tend Skin be used in salon?

Tend Skin can be used in the salon by your treatment therapist, but it is important for you to be diligent with your use at home for best results.