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effects of Tend Skin FAQ

What exactly does Tend Skin do?

Reduce the appearance of razor bumps, razor burn and ingrown hairs. Reduces redness associated with waxing, electrolysis, IPL and laser. Prepares the skin for waxing and lessens the trauma of waxing on the follicle.

Please note, Tend Skin will block light therefore can only be used after laser.

How does Tend Skin work?

Creates a relaxing action on the hair follicle.

Are there contra-indications for use? If so, what are they?

Aspirin, asthma (consult doctor), pregnancy, breastfeeding, Roaccutane/glycolic for for a month.

If Aspirin upsets the tummy, is this considered a reason not to use?


What constitutes a true allergy to Aspirin?

Itching, hives, shortness of breath

Can moisturiser go right over the top?


Does it make a difference if applied to wet or dry skin?

Yes, it must be applied to dry skin otherwise it will float off.

What should one do if Tend Skin gets in the eyes?

Flush with running water

Is there an expiry date on Tend Skin?

Yes, 12 months from date of manufacture. We suggest you keep a two month supply on the shelf. The expiry is read via the batch number – for example B0903508 would read as follows;

B= Batch

09= manufactured in 2009

03= manufactured in March (03 Month)

508= relates to the run number

So B0903508 expires in April 2010.

Is it normal for my skin to peel after using Tend Skin?

The peeling is normal but should stop after a few days (this could also indicate they have used too much product). Skin that has been abused i.e. shaved and scarred for years will tend to peel due to callous build-up.

Everyone has the tendency to overdo using Tend Skin. For example we learned that wetting one side of a standard cotton tipped applicator with the product will do almost half of a face for a woman with blemishes or who has ingrown hairs on the face and/or eyebrows.