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Prior to the Tend Skin evolution in Australia, I was forced to stock inferior products that promised to assist ingrown hair problems. Although at the time I didn’t know any better, I was happy to pass such products to my clients who had been suffering from ingrown hairs as a result of waxing. The feedback regarding the product was somewhat satisfactory but definitely not one that saw clients yearning for more. Until…I took on board Tend Skin. This little beauty has definitely got all users hooked due to the aazing results that it delivers. It is simple to use along with a low maintenance routine that is economical and, best of all, the results speak for themselves. My clients are raving about it and cannot get enough!


Owner/Manager of Diva Beauty, GLEBE


Beverly Hills

I am writing with regard to your product Tend Skin on behalf of Dr Harry Saperstein. We are a high volume Deratology office located in Beverly Hills, we see approximately 1000-1200 patients per week between 3 doctors.

Tim J. Marchetti

Office Manager

Saperstein M.D. Inc.

Beverly Hills


Surry Hills

In our salon we do approximately 100-120 ladies Brazilians per week. I have been recommending and using Tend Skin in the salong for approximately 18 months and it is by far the best selling ingrown hair treatment I have ever stocked. I offer a 100 per cent money back guarantee on the purchase of Tend Skin to all my clients and to date I have not had one bottle returned.

I have tried every other ingrown hair product on the market and have found personally that Tend Skin is by far the most effective.

A lot of my waxing clients have also said that they too have tried many other products on the market – and after almost giving up hope – they try Tend Skin. After trying the first bottle, it sells itself. We are so passionate about Tend Skin and would highly recommend it to anyone.


Aleisha-Jane Beauty,

Surry Hills