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problem ingrowns

PROBLEM ingrown hairs

Ingrown hairs continue to grow even though they are turned  under the skin and large lumps and cysts can form. It is not uncommon to have ingrown hairs 25mm or longer. If this is the case the hairs will need to be ingrown-hairgently ‘teased’ outof the skin for the first time. To avoid risk of infection and scarring do not attempt to squeeze or ‘pick’ at them at home. We recommend consulting a qualified esthetician who will lift the hair/s out of the skin (they should not be squeezed out of the skin completely).

Tend Skin Liquid should then be applied night and morning for several days. The hair/s can then be removed by shaving, waxing, electrolysis, laser and IPL. Tend Skin Liquid should then be applied daily until the new hair is seen to be growing above the skin.  

Avoid using loofah pads or buff pads where ingrown hairs or razor bumps appear. These abrasives can irritate the skin, and make the problem worst.