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1. When used prior to waxing, Tend Skin liquid will help to prepare the skin for the trauma of hair removal. We recommend applying the product night and morning for approximately three days prior to hair removal. Tend Skin liquid should then be applied to the area to be waxed, imediately prior to the procedure.

2. Tend Skin liquid should be applied again immediately after waxing (after waiting a few seconds to allow the skin to ‘recover’). The product will then go to work to reduce the appearance of redness and irritation and generally soothe the skin.

IMPORTANT: See Instructions for use with facial hair.

3. Tend Skin liquid should be applied again just before sleep so the product can lie undisturbed on the skin overnight. Another application in the morning after ‘showering’ should be all that is required. Please note, everyone’s skin is different, so some trial and error may be required to determine how often you need to use Tend Skin liquid.

4. When hair re-growth commences (approximately two weeks) apply Tend Skin liquid night and morning until the hairs are seen to be growing above the surface of the skin. Tend Skin liquid can then be applied as and when required.